the Welfare Liners @ Uniforms Unlimited Prince Avenue 6 26 12

Earlier in the month I was standing in another garden with website guru Jay Braver ( He and I were filming the Welfare Liners ( sing the Squidbillies ( theme song for the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. I’m a big fan of the show and the band so when the Liners asked for help I went happily. We had tons of fun despite all the mosquito bites. The Liners were invited to be on the commercial for a cover song contest by Early Cuyler himself. The Adult Swim commercial is at, but check my website and YouTube for the Welfare Liners full song. I was also at their CD Release Party at the Melting Point and I was invited to join them in the studio at WUGA while they filmed ‘It’s Friday’. At the end of the month I hopped in their truck and toured with them to the Stillwater Tap Room in Augusta. These guys are on the verge of something big happening for them. Catch the if you like Bluegrass and they come your way.

Here’s what’s been running on TV.

Here’s my version from my camera.

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