Efren @ DePalma’s Westside 6 28 12

A few days after AthFest I followed Scott Low and Efren (www.efrenmusic.com) to DePalma’s Restaurant (www.depalmasitaliancafe.com) where they played a couple hot sets on the patio. I’ve probably seen the official band 15 to 20 times since the first time but I’ve seen Low perform at least 50 times since then. Holy Cow, these guys never cease to impress me. Just when I start to to worry that I might mention them too many times they (Low, Jaime Derereve, Darrin Glenn Cook and Jonathan Brill) blow me away again. This night started a bit more laid back then normal, they played lots of old songs that they haven’t played in a while. Most of these songs were new to me and I now have a few more favorite Efren songs. Each member is an incredible musician on their own. They play like they’ve been friends for decades, they’re more like a gang than a band, and that is how it is should be.

‘Hickory Bill’

‘Dirty Bourbon Blues’



‘Sunday Light’

‘Dollar Bill Blues’

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