I am not a photographer nor a videographer. I am an artist who loves music and carries a camera.

Hi, I’m Daniel Peiken and thanks for coming to my website. Here you’ll find tons of my photos, videos, and musings on Athens Georgia music. I returned to Athens in December of 2000 and have been imbedded in the music community here ever since. Here I give you an insiders look into this scene. Most of my videos are shot with my hand on the stage. This site is always changing so come back often.

I’ve been in Athens since college. I saw a lot of shows in Athens from 1987 to 1992 while attending UGA. I graduated and moved to Atlanta where I ran a restaurant (Nickiemotos) and saw a lot more Rock Shows. Soon I realized that I liked going to Rock’N’Roll Shows more than going out. I would close the restaurant down, go to a Rock Show, then go home and paint what I saw at the concert. I’m not a very good painter but I sold a few paintings. Many are still around on the walls of family and friends houses and some are in closets. I moved to Tennessee in 2000 and picked up a camera to take pictures of cows and barns.

I moved back to Athens in 2001 and began taking pictures at Rock’N’Roll Shows. I sometimes call what I do ‘Gorilla Rock’N’Roll Photography’ (although I haven’t taken a picture of a gorilla with a guitar, yet). I do get down in the middle of the action. I usually buy a ticket (just like you) and walk into the show with my camera. I get as close as I can but I’m always moving around to get a different view. Sometimes I ‘m the oldest guy in the mosh pit but I love the way the music ‘vibrates my innards’. I very rarely use a flash because I love the colors that the stage lights cast onto the band and audience. I always wear earplugs ’cause I want to Rock when I’m old’.

My pictures are on many local bands websites and are the ‘profile picture’ for many Athens musicians. I write a monthly Rock’N’Roll article in Playgrounds Magazine (www.playgroundsmag.com). It’s called ‘Life is But a Dream: Tales from the AthensRockShow.’ I just finished my 25th article about whatever I want to write about and always featuring lots of my photos.

I also write a bi-monthly column in Bulldawg Illustrated Athens about ‘show’s you don’t want to miss’. It’s called ‘Peiken’s Picks’ and I tell you about up-coming shows. I share my ‘Pix’ with a few choice photos from the previous week. I also share my ‘Pick’ which is a house or condo that I am selling. Yep, I sell houses to musicians, artists and other great people (just like you) anywhere in Northeast Georgia to make a living. I’ve been a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker Upchurch Realty for over 10 years now and I can help you find your dream house. Go to www.athenshome.com to see my listings and www.AthensRockShow.com to see my photos.

Aside from Real Estate, Rock’N’Roll, Restaurants and photography I am also partners in two different local record labels. Analogue Records (www.AnalogueRecords.com) and Row Your Boat Records (www.rowyourboatrecords.com). Get it? Row Your Boat and Life is But a Dream.

Thanks for looking, I believe that everyone deserves an audience and sometimes I’m the only one there. Let me know what you think.

Daniel Peiken

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