Ike Stubblefield, Will Goth & Scott Low @ Hendershots Coffee Bar 7 24 12

Back to Jody’s party and the Low Tyed story, we landed back in Athens late afternoon on Sunday. Everyone was happy, hot and tired, but had no plans for a few days. Until Scott Low got contacted by Ike Stubblefield (www.ikestubblefield.com) late on Tuesday to see if he could play that very evening. Low said ‘sorry (to his) plans’ and was there and so was I. I was on stage with Stubblefield (taking pictures) at AthFest and loved him and his Hammond B3 Organ (he played with socked feet), I also saw him the first Tuesday of July at Hendershots Coffee Bar (www.hendershotscoffee.com). Besides me he’s been on stage with folks like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Eric Clapton, Jerry Garcia, Tina Turner and so many more names from Rock’N’Roll’s golden history. Now my buddy, who I had been running with for days, gets invited to play with him. Stubblefield has an incredible stage presence, Low held his own even though there was no rehearsal. I was nervous and I was in the audience, if I had realized how intimidating Ike is I wouldn’t have gotten so close to him on the AthFest stage….I’m just glad he let me leave on my own.

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