Low Tyed @ Jody’s House, 9th Hole, Altanta 7 21 12

The next day we all crawled into a few cars and made it to Alpharetta right on time for Jody’s Party. The Little Red Barn Band (Genie Wiggens, Shannon Sausser) got the kids all riled up and all the parents laughing at each others kids. Then the adult party started. Kelly Hoyle Fuller (Burning Angels, Norma Rae) joined Low and Tye and they made history between the 9th Hole and the pool. No one really remembers it but everyone had a great time. It was a ‘Lost Weekend’ like John Lennon and Harry Nilsson had in the 1970’s, except we didn’t have any international press, only me and my camera. We all stayed out of trouble while getting as close to it as we could. The 9th Hole will never be the same. Brazilian food and a whole roasted BBQ pig goes very well together. Everyone agreed we were all at the place to be.

‘Old Mountain Road’

‘Two Hands’ (Townes Van Zandt)

Kelly Holye Fuller ‘Distance’

‘Hickory Bill’

‘Willin’ (Little Feat)

These last 2 videos were taken in the sand trap on the 9th hole. The party had pretty much ended but the entertainment wasn’t done partying. Scott Low, Tye Manning and Kelly Hoyle Fuller.

Tye singing ‘Don’t Let ‘Em Get You Down’

Scott singing

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