Foxy Shazam @ New Earth Music Hall 10 24 11

These guys were mind blowing. My mind is still blown. Please help me with the names of these songs. Watch for when Eric Sean Nally asks the audience for a cigarette, then puts about 10 in his mouth, lights them up, smokes for second and then eats the burning handfull of tobacco. He wasn’t happy that he did it and I was right in front of him to catch some very exciting footage.

This was their first song of the night.

‘Oh Lord’

‘I Like It ‘(Biggest Black Ass I’ve Ever Seen)’

‘Yes Yes Yes’

song 4 > eats cigarettes (4:00) > Misfits cover

song 5 > ‘Gansta’s Paradise’ (Coolio)

‘Killing It’

song 7 “…you’re all pregnant…”

song 8

‘Count Me Out’

‘Wanna Be Angel’ > …he speaks about a Rock’N’Roll magazine article that wasn’t very nice to them…

… he goes on about the article and his band, “I love my band…best band in the world!”…

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