Bloodkin ‘Henry Parsons Died’ fan video

This was put together by myself and my sister. I’ve taken these pictures over the last 8 years. The audio is from Matt Redmond’s ( live recording of Bloodkin’s AthFest 2011 performance. It was a fantastic show in the streets of Athens.
This song is on the 7″ record that myself and Hunter Hoskins – Analogue Records – is putting out as we speak.

Come to the Flicker Theatre on November 5, 2011 to get your copy of this record and see so many fantastic singers sing Bloodkin songs with Bloodkin backing them. $10 gets you in the door. You get a beautiful record and a night of music that you won’t forget and Nuci’s Space get’s $4.

…Side B might even be a better song. I can’t decide which I like more…

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