8 Track Gorilla @ Hendershots Coffee Bar 7 22 11

The legendary 8-Track Gorilla shared the bill at Hendershots Coffee Bar with Jay Gonzalez and Friends. He’s been performing his own brand of karaoke, somethimesbacked by a full band and sometimes solo, but always in a gorilla suit. Many years ago there was a slew of hand painted cars in Athens. All were hand painted and all had various machine parts and ‘weapony’ looking things on them. All were very fun to look at. There is still one or two of them driving around Athens. I was front row one year when they did an impromtu ‘Painted Car Parade’ right thru downtown Athens on Clayton Street. Legend has it that they were always chasing, Kenneth Aguar, the 8 Track Gorilla.

One thing about 8 Track is he plays to great tunes. Here he is performing ‘Lucy Leave’ by Syd Barrett.

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