Jay Gonzalez & Friends @ Hendershots Coffee Bar, Athens 7 22 11

Jay Gonzalez was in town while his full time band, the Drive-By Truckers, were on a rare break in their busy touring schedule. They’re slowly dominating the world. Tonight he played a show with a few close friends for a few close friends in the intimate new venue, Hendershots Coffee Bar (www.hendershotscoffee.com). Hendershots opened up a year ago but this was my first visit. It took a line up full of friends but I got there. Whenever Jay is in town he seems to always be busy with his own music (www.myspace.com/spareroomlounge), either performing live or filming videos or both. And don’t forget to check out his ‘other’ band, the Drive-By Truckers (www.drivebytruckers.com).

Jay performed a few solo gems and cover songs, played a few with his wife, Katey, and also with Kevin Lane (the Lanes, the Arcs, the Possibilities) and Jake Mosely (Magic Missile). They called themselves Cut Buffer that night. I think it was Jake who put the show together for his girlfriend’s birthday. Happy Birthday Catherine.


Here’s Jay singing his own ‘Punch Of Love’.


Another original by Jay Gonzalez, ‘This Isn’t Fun Anymore’.


Jay’s ‘I Want To Hold You’.


Jay sings Andrew Gold’s ‘Thank You For Being A Friend’, it was a great song before it became the theme song for that old lady TV show.


Jay & Kevin Lane sing a fantastic cover of ‘Fool of Love’.


Jay Gonzalez and Jake Mosely sing Todd Rundgrens’s ‘Hello It’s Me’.


Jay and Jake sing Bread’s ‘Make it With You’.


Jay and Jake singing Dan Seals’, ‘I’d Love To See You Tonight’.


Jay and Jake sing the ‘Superstar’ made famous by the very similar Carpenters.


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