Mike Mills & Friends @ Georgia Theatre 11 13 11

This event was called ‘Welcome to the Reconstruction – Athens Bands Play the Songs of REM. It was a fund raiser for Community Connection. www.communityconnection211.org

Here are just a few of the folks who performed in this event (in alphabetical order): The Corduroy Road, David Barbe and the Quick Hooks, Futurebirds, Grogus, Jack Logan and Coventry Climax, John Keane and Nathan Sheppard, Kevn Kinney, Lera Lynn & Ben Lewis, Nanny Island, Romper Stompers (feat. Todd Nance of Widespread Panic, William Tonks & Jon Mills of Barbara Cue, and Daniel Hutchens of Bloodkin), 706, and Thayer Sarrano.


Nanny Island
‘Radio Free Europe’

Corduroy Road
‘Pop Song’

Kevin O’Neil & David Bell
‘That Someone Is You’

‘Underneath the Bunker’

Nathan Sheppard and John Keane & Friends
‘Fall On Me’

Nathan Sheppard and John Keane & Friends
‘Pretty Persuasion’

Thayer Sarrano and Friends
‘Walk Unafraid’

Thayer Sarrano and Friends
‘Country Feedback’

Kevn Kinney with David Barbe, John Keane, Bryan Howard and others.
‘Maps & Legends’

Jack Logan

Jack Logan w Mike Mills
‘Here She Comes’ (Velvet Underground)

Lera Lynn
‘One I Love’

Lera Lynn
‘Everybody Hurts’

David Barbe & Quickhooks with Jack Logan (on Pilgrimage) and Mike Mills (on Second Guessing)
‘Pilgrimage’ > ‘Carnival of Sorts’ > Second Guessing

Romper Stompers
‘Green Grow the Rushes’

Romper Stompers
‘Man on the Moon’

‘Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight’

Futurebirds with Mike Mills
‘Don’t Go Back to Rockville’

Mike Mills & Friends
‘Superman’ (the Clique)

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