Efren, Betsy, Cunningham, 90 Acre Farm, Manning, Payne @ the Turkey Ramble, Watkinsville 11 25 11

Chris Moore ‘Tallahassee Moonlight’

‘Like a Coat’

Efren with Mark Cunningham
‘If My Heart Don’t Fail Me’

90 Acre Farm

‘Pick It Up Train’

90 Acre Farm with Tie Manning
‘Play a Train Song’ (Todd Snider)

Betsy Franck

Betsy Franck
‘Wet Hands’

Disco the Dog

Mark Cunningham and the Nationals
‘Bill Martin’

‘Knockin’ On Heavan’s Door’

Tye Manning

‘What I Can Do’ with Adam Poulin

‘Amanda Lynn’ w Betsy Franck, Adam Payne, Adam Poulin

‘Two Wrongs Make a Right’ w Betsy Franck, Adam Poulin

My camera ran out of batteries right after this song.

Christopher Allen Smith, Scott Low, Ron Crescenti and Ivey Hughes, Mark Cunningham.
Finale ‘No Turning Back’

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