Drive-By Truckers @ Georgia Theatre 8 13 11

‘Life in the Factory’



‘Tales Facing Up’

‘Love Like This’

‘Gravity’s Gone’

‘Used to be a Cop’

‘Go Go Boots’

My 16BG memory chip filled up 3/4 thru this song. I put a new one in and kept recording. It is worth your while to watch both parts.

‘Let There Be Rock’ part 1

‘Let There Be Rock’ part 2

This may be the most intense video I have ever taken. I was in the place to be (up front) and got video that I don’t think anyone else on earth could get. I am friends with at least 5 people on that stage (and maybe even the gorilla) and some came over to be nice (I’m sure). Watch it till the end.

This is why I call what I do ‘Gorilla Rock’N’Roll Photography and Video’

‘People Who Died’


















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