Bloodkin @ Flicker Theatre 11 5 11

Aside from me taking all these videos and pictures, being, I am also partners in a record label (or two). Hunter Hoskins and I are Analogue Records.

On Saturday November 5th we put out our 2nd vinyl record. We held our Bloodkin 7″ Record Release Party at the Flicker Theatre in Athens and it was spectacular. Numerous local bands and singers performing Bloodkin songs as well as some of their own. It went beautifully. It wasn’t easy to put together dealing with so many players and songs but the outcome was well worth the effort.

You should go to and order your copy of this record. I will personally pack it up and mail it to you.

Sloan Simpson recorded the entire show (minus the time I took the micro-phone) and he’s sharing it on his website,

Bloodkin took the stage well after midnight, I got there at 6:00.

‘Is That All There Is?’

‘End of the Show’

They came back for an encore and played the Rolling Stones’ ‘Happy’ with Clay Leverett.

Sloan Simpson was kind enough to record the audio from the show and it sounds fantastic.
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