Wild Rumpus Parade and Spectacle @ Downtown Athens GA 10 29 11

This was so much fun. It was fun the first and second year of the Wild Rumpus but this year was really fun. There were thousands of costumed folks walking and dancing in the streets, everyone having a great time. I heard there were 4000-5000 people parading or watching, all I know is that I didn’t see one negative thing. All I saw was everyone smiling, even the policemen. It was Halloween so you know folks were drinking before hand (and some during) but there were no problems all evening. The parade even wrapped around the block and the head caught the tail at the intersection of Clayton and Lumpkin. So the entire intersection in front of the Georgia Theatre and the Globe was filled with partying people. The police let that crazy crowd have fun for a very long time. I wish we were doing it again tomorrow.

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