The Growlers @ Georgia Theatre Roof Top 5 9 12

A few days later my friends in Jane Jane Pollock ( returned to town. This time they played a very cool show on the beautiful roof top patio of the Georgia Theatre. I’ve seen them twice at the Caledonia Lounge but this location made for a surreal scene with their myriad of colored and blinking lights and their quirky instruments and noises on the patio with the skyline behind them and a cool wind blowing throughout the evening. They played to a larger, more excited crowd than before. Hopefully they are generating the fans that this band deserves but it might have been because they were on tour with the California band, the Growlers ( I was going for the girls and guys in Jane Jane Pollock but I had heard some good things about the Growlers. A few hours before the show I watched a bunch of their videos on Youtube, I loved what I heard, so I ran up the hill to see them. I knew I was about to witness something cool. The Growlers sound like the Strokes, the Doors add some Dick Dale wicked surf guitar and you might have it. I have a hard time putting into words some of the feelings I get at a great concert so I’ll just say that you will be hearing something from this band in the future. Now I have 14 Growlers videos for the next guy to watch.
Brooks Nielson (vocals)
Scott Montoya(bass guitar, vocals)
Matt Taylor (lead guitar, vocals)
Brian “don’t surf” Stewart (drums, vocals).



‘Acid Rain’

‘Graveyard’s Full’


‘Twirling Dervish Blues’ > ‘Nosebleed Sun’ > ‘What Is It’

‘Old Cold River’


‘Gay Thoughts’

‘1,000,000 Lovers’ > ‘Empty Bones’

‘Forgive You Friend’

‘Someone Something JR’

‘Habit of Dread’ > ‘Sea Lion Blues’

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