Scott Low & Friends @ GA BAR 10 15 12

Scott invited a few friends to join him at the Georgia Bar on Thursday Night.

Scott Low, Adam Poulin, Jonathan Brill ‘Stay High’

‘Old Mountain Road’

Chris Moore ‘Somebody ‘Cause of You’

Jonathan Brill

Tye Manninig ‘Beer Drinking Gospel Revival’

Tye Manning & Betsy Franck & Scott Low & Adam Poulin ‘Ready To Wride’

Holly Mirkheshti & Adam Poulin

‘Ain’t No Pain’

‘Montana Scare’

Betsy Franck ‘This Far’

Holly Mirkheshti, Ansley Stuart, Betsy Franck, Jared Hasmuk ‘Angel From Montgomery’

Betsy Franck, Holly Mirkheshti & Adam Poulin ‘That’s All’

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