Peelander-Z @ the Meltng Point 7 19 12

Crazy Japanese band Peelander-Z ( came to town with Tiger! Tiger! ( and mesmerized the Melting Point ( They describe themselves as a ‘Japanese Action Comic Punk band hailing from the Z area of Planet Peelander’ and I believe it. I was close enough to them to tell that they weren’t from around here. These guys put on a wild show with uniforms, costumes, giant squids and human bowling. I’ve never seen a band come down in the audience and make everyone do the limbo, whether we wanted to or not. They took a big rope and stretched it from the stage to the far wall, then they walked, making in the audience duck down or get swept away. The show was fun but the music is not something that I’ll be playing in my car. The theatrics of Kengo Hioki (AKA Peelander Yellow) and rest of the Peelanders: Red, Green, Pink and Black was quite an experience. They reminded me of local band Kite to the Moon ( with thier costumes and crazy stage antics.

‘Under Zero’ ‘Mad Tiger’ Peelander-Z’

‘Star Bowling’ ‘EIEIO’

‘Taco Taco Taco’

‘Ice Cream’

‘Ninja High School’

‘Let’s Bowl’


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