Patterson Hood & the Downtown Rumblers @ Nuci’s Space Camp Amped 7 17 12

I was also invited to Nuci’s Space ( to see some incredible bands play for the kids at the Nuci’s Space Camp Amped twice this month. I’ve been a fan of Elf Power ( since 2001 and ran over when I heard they were playing in the Space. I’ve been a fan of the Drive-By Truckers ( since 2002 but I knew and kept it a secret that Patterson Hood ( was playing with the Downtown Rumblers. That’s Hood, Brad Morgan and Jay Gonzalez of the Truckers and Peter Alvanos (, Claire Campbell ( and Jacob Morris (the Moths). Seeing a full on Rock Show during day light hours in an air conditioned room, then heading back to work sure is fun, strange but fun.

I made some of these videos ‘private’ because Patterson asked me to until his new album comes out later this year.


‘Leaving Time’

‘Billy Ringo’


‘Better Off Without’


‘Betty Ford’


‘Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance’

‘Come Back Little Star’ (Hood/Kelly Hogan)

“Make it up to you”

‘Back of a Bible’

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