Norma Rae / Micheal Guthrie / Caroline Aiken @ the Flicker Theatre / Carla Le Fever & the Rays @ the Georgia Bar 10 5 12

Norma Rae ‘Tumblin’

Norma Rae ‘Southern Cord’

Norma Rae ‘Gone’

Michael Guthrie 1

Michael Guthrie 2

Michael Guthrie 3

Micheal Guthrie 4

Michael Guthrie & Eddie Glikin 5

I ran over to the Georgia Bar to catch a few songs by
Carla La Fever and the Rays.

Carla 1

Carla 2

Then I high tailed it back to the Flicker so I didn’t miss any of Caroline Aiken.

Caroline Aiken & Eddie Glikin 1

Caroline Aiken & Eddie Glikin 2

Caroline Ai