Meat Puppets @ the Melting Point 9 25 11

One of the greatest living rock/grunge bands (who shouldn’t all still be living).

‘I’m a Mindless Idiot’

‘Monkey & the Snake’


‘Oh Me’

‘Up on the Sun’

‘Swimming Ground’

‘Confusion Fog’

You must watch the next 3 videos in a row. The songs were non-stop, my 16GB memory chip filled up in the 2nd 3rd of ‘Lake of Fire’ but I hardly missed a beat and threw a new one in. Then they started with ‘Open Wide’ and I kept filming but had a problem with the chip…took care of it and finished the show with the drummer throwing his drums on the stage.

‘Sloop J-B’ (Beach Boys) > ‘Lake of Fire’

> ‘Lake of Fire’ > ‘Open Wide’ >

> ‘Open Wide’ > end of show / drums on ground

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