Low Tyed / 90 Acre Farm / Fester Hagood / Kelly Hoyle Fuller @ Kumquat Mae in Watkinsville 7 20 12

Scott Low’s band is Efren and Tye Manning’s band is the Bearfoot Hookers.
This band was born the night before in my living room.

‘Harlem River Blues’ (Justin Townes Earle)

‘Two Hands’ (Justin Townes Earle)

‘Beer Drinking Gospel Revival’

‘If My Heart Don’t Fail Me’

‘Dollar Bill’

‘Amanda Lynn’

Kelly Hoyle Fuller ‘Distance’

‘Ramblin Melissa’

‘Stairway to Freebird’

‘High On a Mountain’

Fester Hagood ‘You Dropped Your Bible and I Saw Your Thong’

Tye Manning and Fester Hagood ‘Tequila Song’

‘Ready to Ride’

Todd & Jessica White (90 Acre Farm) with Scott Low ‘Only Only’

Todd & Jessica White (90 Acre Farm) with Scott Low ‘Oh Willy’

‘Do It With the Lights On’

‘I’m a Fool’

‘Find a New Man’

‘Sunday Light’

‘Into the Wild’


‘Rain Don’t Stop the Train’

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