Jane Jane Pollock @ the Caledonia Lounge 10 13 11

Did Cinderella lose her shoe?

This band really did move me, I couldn’t stop filming them and I was trying to save space on my camera for Bob Mould. Holy Cow! Between the girls in the first band, this band and the other band, I think I fell in love three times tonight. Maybe it was the music, or voices or maybe it was the red dresses or maybe it was just Athens PopFest 2011.

Jane Jane Pollock was one of the highlights for me at this years Athens Popfest. I had places to be and bands to see but my buddy told me to stick around for Jane Jane Pollock. They came on at the Caledonia Lounge when I needed to be at the 40 Watt Club. Before their first song was over my mouth was (sort of) wide open. I couldn’t believe the sound that this band of crazies was making out of busted up metal trash can covers and a doggie hamburger squeeze toy as well as normal magical musical instruments. After a while that hamburger sound really makes sense with the song. Check out all the videos and by the end you will see what I mean…or you won’t make it to the end because it is not your cup of tea. Don’t worry, I don’t drink coffee so we’re all good.

I saw them on Thursday night, met them again on Friday at the Manhattan where I told them they had a ‘beauty and the beast’ thing going on with their stage sound and presence. After Micheal Arcos (the beast / hamburger squeezer) realized I was paying them a complement we became friends. A minute later I pulled out my phone, hooked up to AthensRockShow.com and showed them pictures already on my site. When I pulled up my video of them on Youtube it was just too much for us all to take and we split.

Michael actually considers himself sort of a fish, a pollock at that. He says it’s the most common fish so much so that in Japan they make candy out of it, sparkly, polka-dotted sort of sweet fish candy. So he’s the Pollock and the lovely young ladies, Heather Lee Smith and Courtney Asztalos, are the Jane(s). Danny Clifton and Ryan O’Malley back them up and it’s a real band.

I also ran into them the next day and again the next evening. It was an insanely coincidental and accidentally wonderful weekend. I saw a LOT of bands this week and Jane Jane Pollack was one of my favorites.
Check ’em out http://janejanepollock.bandcamp.com.

They do a crazy cover of Creedence Clearwater Revivals ‘Gloomy’

‘Gloomy’ > ‘Of Holy Colors’

‘Stuck on the Highway’

‘Punching Jackie’ > ‘Sewage of Mine’

‘Broken Christmas’

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