Elite The Showstoppa @ the Human Rights Festival 5 5 11

I LOVE these guys. Elite tha Showstoppa is the most uplifting band in Athens.

I asked them to tell me about themselves and this is what they had to say:

Showtime is: Elite Tha Showstoppa, Nolan” T-Gris”Terrebonne, Jay Rodgers, Anthony”TONKA”Green, Ben Stevens, Taalibah Oseys. Bio:Showtime is a high energy Hip Hop band decorated with r&b, rock, funk, reggae & soul with sprinkles of alternative, punk & other genres that give Showtime a sound thats just as eclectic as its bands members, hence the title, ‘Urban Alternative’.

Playing all original music, their uptempo rhythms, funky dance tunes & witty rhymes create an instant party scene. Frontman, Elite Tha Showstoppa’s gravel voice & active moves demands attention, as he is accompanied with the beautiful silky soul vocals of Ben Stevens & Taalibah Oseye. Anthony ‘Tonka’ Green keeps the heartbeat of the band throbbing with excitement, along with the funky guitar blues of Nolan ‘T-Gris’ Terrebonne & thick bottomed, goodtime bassist, Jay ‘Hoodywah’ Rodgers.

Showtimes efforts to cross genres gives them the appropriate subtitle, ‘A Hip Hop, Funky Soul Band That Rocks!’


‘Big Ol’ Bad Self’

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