David Dondero @ the Office Lounge, Athens 7 23 11

This was Dave’s first song, he was a little bit flustered after a very long drive and then a very deep Jaeger Bomb. This is the first time (besides having my name called from stage) that I’ve been inside of one of my own videos. I’m somewhat proud of myself for my response under pressure since it was so late at night and I was maybe a little bit tipsy. He starts of with my absolute favorite Dondero song ‘Seen the Love’ then quickly goes into ‘Undertaker’ and then jumps into ‘Heart Breaks Deep’ so I just kept filming.


Dave sings Carolina Moon after a little more friendly banter and advice with another audience member. You’ve got to remember that Dondero is a genius artist and that gives him the right to be a little coo coo in my book. Rock on Dave!!


Once Dave got into the swing of things  he just played beautiful music. This is “Living and the Dead’.


And his ‘real’ final song he plays ‘Job Boss’.

So, even though he ‘heckled’ me from stage I still respect the man, he’s a genius.

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