Danny Hutchens & Eric Carter (Bloodkin) @ Viva Argentine Cuisine 7 3 11

Danny Hutchens and Eric Carter of Bloodkin, heck they ARE Bloodkin, played a very cool late night show at Viva Argentine Cuisine. This is a cool little, locally owned and run restaurant in East Athens. It’s located in the old Taco Stand’s location. Check ’em out and watch for more live shows. This was the very first one and I was thrilled to be there, it was such a special night. It was the place to be.

I think this was the very first song they played, they came out on fire.

‘Loves Gettin Older’

Check out the gas station in the background and the occasional car drive by. Talk about a well planned video!

‘Quarter Tank of Gasoline’

So I have been out listening to music for 10 hours today, taking tons of videos and pictures. I never had time to rest and neither did my camera. My battery ran out about 75% into this song, but the video really is cool. It was fantastic to see them from this angle.

‘Henry Parsons Died’

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