Bloodkin @ the Marigold Festival, Winterville 5 19 12

The Marigold Festival ( was held on a nearly perfect Saturday in nearby Winterville. I caught most of the performing bands including: 90 Acre Farm (, the Welfare Liners (, the Buzzards, Dodd Ferrelle (, Kyshona Armstrong (, Betsy Franck, Mr. (William) Tonks & Mr. (Tommy) Jordan & Mr. (Eddie) Gliken (, Shonna Tucker & Eye Candy (, the Romper Stompers ( and Bloodkin ( I feel like I have to mention Adam Poulin, Bo Bedingfield, Clay Leverett Jon Mills and William Tonks all played in numerous bands that night. There was a nice crowd for this festival but there was plenty of room to move around and make yourself comfortable. Whether you were sitting in a lawn chair that you brought from home or on one of the supplied bales of hay, it was a great day and evening of local music, children, and friends. The Romper Stompers sing rock songs with a child’s mind in mind and is made up of Barbara Cue’s William Tonks, Jon Mills and Todd Nance (who also is a full time member of Widespread Panic) and Bloodkins’ Danny Hutchens. You’d be surprised how hip these songs are and you might even find yourself singing about broccoli or how many books you own after the show. You might also be surprised with how many incredibly talented local bands we have in this area, no need to look elsewhere.

‘Wet Trombone Blues’


‘Henry Parsons Died’

‘You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere’ (Bob Dylan)

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