Athens Face/Off #7 for Whatever It Takes @ 40 Watt 12 3 11

I’m pretty sure I have these band names and members names correct but please let me know if I’m wrong. I also have no idea what the names of the songs are.

Look for more information after all the photos.

El O’Elle Ocho (Scott Spillane, Brian Veysey, Greg O’Connell)

K-Band ‘I Belong To You’ (Vanessa Hay, Ashley Floyd, Daniel Ray)

Maggot Church (Neil Callahan, Joe Kubler, Patrick Goral)

Girls, Girls, Girls (Dottie Alexander, Coy King, Derek Wiggs)

Fan Explodes ‘Drive Me Crazy'(Ashley Plocha, Mandy Branch, Becky Lovell)

Pathalogical Crier 1 (CB Bartenfield, Gregory Sanders, Eric Horvath)

Pathalogical Crier 2 (CB Bartenfield, Gregory Sanders, Eric Horvath)

Quiet Nights at Home (Jesse Marston, Robert Caruthers)

Lord Castle (Jeff Tobias, Derek Almstead, Drew Smith)

the Allcapberrys (Ashton May, Dena Zilber, BC Fortenberry)

Paul Thomas & the Golden Corrals (Chelsea Lea, Mercer West, Hana Hay)

A local tradition since 2007, Athens Face/off has become an institution that has brought together musicians from across genres, age groups, and social circles. The premise is this: the names of dozens of Athens musicians are thrown into a hat, drawn in threes, and then notified of the results. Each of these trios–twenty-five groups in all, often comprised of strangers–will then have one month to prepare a ten minute set of music. Original material, cover songs, performance art–anything goes. Twenty-five bands each playing their first and last shows, all in one night!

This year’s lineup includes members of::: Of Montreal, Incendiaries, Quiet Hooves, NEVER, Elf Power, Basshunter 64, the Fuzzlers, So It Goes, Grass Giraffes, Supercluster, Eureka California, Moths, the Decorations, Bubbly Mommy Gun, Gimme Hendrix, Boycycle, Nutritional Peace, Titans of Filth, Nevada Gas Trio, Crun Pun, Kater Mass, Bit Brigade, Smoke Dog, Viking Progress, Casper & the Cookies, Werewolves, Grogus, Mouser, James Husband, Chamber Music, Chrissakes, Olivia Tremor Control, Venice is Sinking, the New Sound of Numbers, the Gerbils, Space Trucks, Wade Boggs, Nightingale News, Bird Names, Slaw & Order, Tater Zandra Zandra, El Hollin, BombsBombsBombs, Koko Beware, Suspect Raptor, Glow Studios, Asher Armstrong, Boulevard +++ MORE!

Athens Face/off will be a benefit for Whatever It Takes! From their website: “Whatever It Takes seeks to ensure that every child in Athens-Clarke County will graduate from a post-secondary education. We, along with our partners, will accomplish this through emphasizing early intervention, recognizing that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers, focusing resources in a limited geographic area, identifying and training neighborhood leaders, setting high expectations for all children, creating a culture of success, and using data to direct to policy.”

UPDATE: Here it is folks. Twenty-six new bands playing their first and possibly last shows in one night. Some ridiculous combinations in this one. Band names will be added as they are received. Thanks to everyone participating!

UPDATE #2: Now featuring band names and set times!

09:00 – Girl With an Egg Head (Stage 1)
-Mike Merva (Defriender)
-Josh Wootton (Marriage)
-Ryan Vogel (NEVER)

09:10 – Spacious Spaceship (Stage 2)
-Mat Lewis (Grape Soda)
-Wyatt Pless (Figboots)
-SJ Ursrey (Nanny Island)

09:20 – EL O’Elle Ocho (Stage 3)
-Brian Veysey (Crun Pun)
-Scott Spillane (Gerbils)
-Greg O’Connell (Bubbly Mommy Gun)

09:30 – Ex-Bats (Stage 1)
-Ted Kuhn (Antlered Auntlord)
-Jason Trahan (Moths)
-Jason van Cleve (Decorations)

09:40 – K Band (Stage 2)
-Vanessa Hay (Supercluster)
-Daniel Ray (The Jack Burton)
-Ashley Floyd (Boycycle)

09:50 – Maggot Church (Stage 3)
-Neil Callaghan (We Versus the Shark)
-Joe Kubler (Sleeping Friends)
-Patrick Goral (Werewolves)

10:00 – Smarmy Beef Bats / Squawk-ident (Stage 1)
-Eric Harris (Elf Power)
-Charlie Key (Bubbly Mommy Gun)
-Lucas Jensen (Venice is Sinking)

10:10 – Petrified Rapids (Stage 2)
-Raleigh Hatfield (Spawn)
-Philip McGill
-Jordan Armstrong (Asher Armstrong)

10:20 – Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (Stage 3)
-Forrest Leffer (Nanny Island)
-Dain Marx (Gnarx)
-Jon Crandall (Tater Zandra Zandra)

10:30 – Girls Girls Girls (Stage 1)
-Derek Wiggs (Wade Boggs)
-Dottie Alexander (of Montreal)
-Coy King (Nightingale News)

10:40 – Fan Explodes (Stage 2)
-Mandy Branch (Incendiaries)
-Becky Lovell (Nutritional Peace)
-Ashley Plocha (Koko Beware)

10:50 – Pathological Crier (Stage 3)
-Chris “CB” Bartenfeld (Bartenfeld Electric)
-Eric Horvath (Gimme Hendrix)
-Gregory Sanders (Casper & the Cookies)

11:00 – Strangers (Stage 1)
-Marie A. Uhler (Eureka California)
-Beau Tepper
-Stephen Williams

11:10 – The Buteos (Stage 2)
-George Davidson (Nevada Gas Trio)
-Sam Grindstaff (Titans of Filth)
-Kris Deason (NEVER)

11:20 – Quiet Nights at Home (Stage 3)
-Robert Caruthers (Boulevard)
-Jessie Marston (So It Goes)

11:30 – Special Breakfast (Stage 1)
-Derek Almstead (Olivia Tremor Control)
-Drew Smith (Chrissakes)
-Jeff Tobias (Athens Face/off)

11:40 – The ITellYouWhatWe’reJustABunchOfLiveWireBoysDon’tTouch (Stage 2)
-Christopher Ingham (Ye Olde Sub Shoppe)
-Luke Fields (Bit Brigade)
-Thom Strickland (Smoke Dog)

11:50 – Blinddateband (Stage 3)
-Emileigh Ireland
-Steve Hendrikson (Slaw and Order)
-KT Austin (Food Not Bombs)

12:00 – Stark Waif (Stage 1)
-Colby Carter (Mouser)
-Jamey Huggins (James Husband)
-Will Donaldson (Chamber Music)

12:10 – The Allcapberrys (Stage 2)
-Dena Zilber (El Hollin)
-BC Fortenberry (Producer – Grape Soda, Matt Kurz One)
-Ashton May (Suspect Raptor)

12:20 – Paul Thomas and the Golden Corrals (Stage 3)
-Mercer West (Quiet Hooves)
-Hana Hay (Green Thrift Grocery)
-Chelsea Lea (Gnarx)

12:30 – Candy Cave (Stage 1)
-Steven Trimmer (Grass Giraffes)
-Blake Stewart (Guided By Guided By Voices)
-Lucy Calhoun (Moths)

12:40 – Truck Family (Stage 2)
-Eddy Lezama (The Fuzzlers)
-Ryan Gay (Koko Beware)
-Matt Goodlet (Basshunter 64)

12:50 – The Whales (Stage 3)
-Laura Carter (Elf Power)
-Peter Alvanos (Fabulous Bird)
-Benjamin Papallion (Tumbleweed Stampede)

01:00 – Big Seas’ Unimaginarium (Stage 1)
-Lydia Escamilla (Titans of Filth)
-Patrick Morales (Viking Progress)
-Nick Gomez (Kater Mass)

01:10 – Murdermore Megastore (Stage 2)
-Jeff Fox (Ham 1)
-Andy Dixon (Gumshoe)
-Jake Ward (Eureka California)

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